Making information accessible for everyone

About ‘Spotterart’

Shirley Potter is the person behind ‘spotterart’. Shirley has over 15 years experience in supporting accessible communication.

She has a background of working in the Health and Social Care Sector and specialising in the Learning Disability. Working as a frontline member of staff, as a manager and as a writer, designer and deliverer of training. She works with a wide cross section of professionals from frontline support staff to Managers, Directors of services, carers, family members and friends of individuals using services, advocates and the individuals themselves who are using services.

Shirley feels strongly about the importance of everyone having the right to choice and control over all aspects of their life.
Shirley has a physical disability herself, this gives her additional insight into the barriers that society creates for anyone who may be seen as ‘different’ or have difficulties in some way.

Shirley is also a practicing artist completing art work in a wide range of media for sale and commissions. This means that she has an excellent understanding of colour, shape and form and can easily create images to represent what is happening in a meeting, workshop, conference, or drawing up a person centred plan or life pathway etc.

If you would like any additional information drop Shirley an email, she will be pleased to hear from you.

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