A Unique Personalised picture for the person you care about.

Shirley can create a unique and personal painting for the person you care about!

How special is it for someone to receive a gift that is just for them and all about them?

Shirley can design a personal tribute to the person you care about. Ideal for birthdays, retirement or leaving do’s!

How does she do this for you?

Firstly you gather information about the person, this is unique personal information  that tells you all about them. This can include their favourite foods, things they like to do, places they love to go, quirky bits of information about them, in fact as much information as possible. Shirley will put the person in a setting that is where they are often sat or stood and create a personal tribute to them, around them!

In the example, you can see someone sat at their desk, around them you can see all of the personal information that makes the picture so unique and for them! For example:

  • This person always had a lot of paper work everywhere,
  • The paperwork is covered detailed information about the work they do,
  • On the notice board are references to the hobbies, holidays and interests,
  • On the desk, the things the person usually had in that setting plus favourite sweets, snacks, coffee mug, car keys etc
  • On the computer screen a joke as this person hates Microsoft
  • In the bin and on the floor more items all of which are relevant and unique to that person

In total the references to that unique individual are over 50!


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