Original Unique Artwork

Drawing ‘What is going on’ or ‘Graphic facilitation’

Spotterart can provide a brilliant addition to any event, meeting, conference or workshop by providing a large drawing which will summarise what is happening at your event.

Spotterart prefer to call this ‘drawing what is going on’ but another name for this is ‘graphic facilitation’.
The drawings that are produced are bright, clear, colourful, dynamic and a positive reflection of what has happened at an event.

These drawings are great for any event but can be particularly useful if you have a mixed audience or people with learning difficulties attending.

How does this work?

The reason it works so well , is because everyone learns in a mixture of ways; from what we hear, read, see and experience and the more ways that you can provide at your event the more chance you have of those attending remembering what was happening.
People who are speaking at events often provide PowerPoint presentations with bullet points and occasional images, but often the visual side of things isn’t addressed as much. The main focus is on listening and reading information.
Seeing bright, colourful images which quickly summarise events are an additional stimulus and aid to those attending. They may not work with everyone, as we are not all the same but you will find that the majority of people will find that if nothing else it will act as an excellent memory aid for them and at best they will find really useful in helping them understand what the main focus and main points of your event have been.

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