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You can see from the attached images, which show you each section of the larger picture, how it records in easy to follow images and words, what the main points of each part of the day were:

The day it’s self called ‘We’ve worn the T -shirt’ co-chaired by Siobhan and Alex of ‘Vocal’.

Starting with the fantastic introduction from Terri Hooley, who told some great stories of his times in the 70s and 80s when he was trying to get Irish Punk bands recognised and sell their records. You can see the key messages Terri wanted to get across.

Followed by the different workshops, the images show what happened and what the main points of each workshop were and who faciliated them.

Graphic We've got the t-shirt‘Vocal’ is a Belfast based Advocacy group who had their¬†first conference on Friday 16th August. The day was fantastic and well attended. Launched by Terri Hooley ( the man known as the ‘God father of punk’) who recounted some great stories of his life and experiences and enthused everyone to believe in them selves!¬†
‘Spotterart’s Shirley Potter was at the conference to draw ‘what was going on'(this is also known as ‘Graphic facilitation’). This is where everything that ‘happens’ at your conference or event is recorded in a large drawing. This includes what the speakers or presenters have said, what the workshops or group work was about and any important things that have been said throughout the event.
The artist will produce a large picture (or several pictures dependent on the size of the event and numbers of speakers, workshops etc), usually around 2 meters by 3 meters in size. It will comprise of a number of pictures and some key words that will summarise what has been or is going on. This is usually completed whilst the event is taking place, so that people can have a look and see how the day is developing and what the main messages of the day are.
At the end of the event the large picture/s are finished and placed in a position where those attending the event can take their time to have a look. The pictures can then be photographed and can be displayed on websites or printed copies can be made and distributed providing an excellent summary of the conference or event. For more information see the Drawing ‘What is going on’ or ‘Graphic facilitation’ page.
Shirley completed a large drawing whilst at the ‘we’ve worn the t-shirt’ conference, this summarises the introduction made by Terri Hooley and each of the workshops along with some general comments of the day. You can quickly see what the day was all about with out reading through lots of notes, minutes or presentations.
See the attached image which shows you at a glance what happened throughout the conference.
The event was co-chaired by Siobhan and Alex who is also one of the co-trainers at Vocal.
There were 4 exciting workshops which had a real impacted on those present, with participants leaving with clear plans and ideas of how they can ensure that they are including the individuals who use services in the decision making processes in their organisations.
The photograph shows the ‘graphic’ which was produced on the day, it summarises what happened throughout the conference. As you scan across the picture you can see the main points of each workshop in a clear and easy to understand format.
There is no need for lots of lengthy typed up notes, just a quick look at the ‘graphic’ shows you all the main points of what went on.

Love9Great news Shirley is now shining her light!!!

Shirley has been doing graphic facilitation (This is when a large drawing is completed during in an event which graphically records ‘what’s going on’. For more information see the Drawing ‘What is going on’ or ‘Graphic facilitation’ page.) and accessible communication for over 15 years as part of her work however now she has decided to branch out and develop this area of work much more. She enjoys the creativity and the challenge of working quickly whilst still keeping things easy to understand.

Welcome to this new and developing website, which will increase and grow over the coming days, weeks and months. If you would like more information about the work that Shirley does then contact her directly at she will be happy to answer any questions or send you more information.

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