Original Unique Artwork

How do I get a ‘what’s going on'( graphic facilitator) artist at my event?

You or your organisation would set up an event this can be a small event such as; staff or team meeting, tennant’s meeting, advocacy group, person centred planning session, or a larger event such as a conference, workshops, etc. In fact just about any event can have a ‘drawing’ with it.

You would then contact ‘spotterart’ (through the website or by emailing spottery2@btinternet.com) and book an artist for your event.

Spotterart would come along to your event and set up a large wall of paper ( or several, dependent on the size and requirements of the event), this can be any shape or size that you require, the average being approximately 2 meters by 3 meters per drawing. This is usually set up somewhere where everyone will be able to view the drawing whilst it is being created and when it is completed.

As the event commences the artist will quietly be working away on the drawing, recording what is being said in simple and direct images. If there are a number of workshops/seminars/smaller meetings happening the artist, if working alone (sometimes we may have several artists creating together dependent on the size of the conference etc) may sit in on the workshop/s for a while. This enables the artist to get a clear idea of what the workshop/seminar/meeting is about and what is being said etc, completing some small sketches and notes. These will be used on the main drawing so nothing is missed.

Those involved in the event will be invited to make suggestions of important things that have been said or that have happened, sometimes they may also be invited to draw on the large drawing themselves.

At the end of the event, the large drawing ( or drawings ) will be completed and displayed so that those attending can look at them, this gives everyone the chance to see the impact of the event and what has happened including in other areas or workshops that they may have missed. It is important to ensure that time is made available throughout the event for people to view the drawings both in progress and when complete.

Photographs are taken and can be distributed during, at the end of or after the event, put on websites and printed as a record of the event for reference.
It is easy for individuals to use the drawing to remind them of the main points of the event.
It is an excellent memory aid and a positive reflection of a successful event.

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